Think – Environmental Harmony

  • Use this Principle to Overcome Adversity - Understand why facing adverse situations in life alone is unfavorable to unifying your efforts with that of others who are similarly minded.
  • Relieve Stress – Step Outside - Understand how consistent connection with nature can lead to a stress free life and increased sense of spiritual connectedness.
  • Finding Happiness in Simplicity - Develop a perspective that enables a positive outlook on your experiences. Appreciate life for the little things. Find and harness positive energy through objective observation and increased awareness.
  • Build Perspective – Step Outside - Learn how to change your routine to be more connected to nature. Understand and embrace the benefits of inserting ourselves into the natural environment.
  • The Reciprocity Theory - Reciprocity wellness is the practice of mindfulness and positive thinking in all of your experiences. You set an example by engaging in daily activities this way. The Reciprocity Community answers the question: What Can I Do to Be Well?