Using Moments to Enhance the Richness of Life

Moments are where the significance in life is drawn from. Learning to embrace and appreciate moments improves the richness of the life we live.

Several Outraging Things You Need to Know about the Health Care Industry

Understand how the players of the Health Care industry have disregarded patients' interests for their own profit. We must educate ourselves to facilitate price deflation and transition to value-based care.

Give and You Shall Receive

There is no greater purpose in life than serving others. Through these experiences, you will find that your giving is not unidirectional. Reciprocation of your positive intentions are realized in the form of new perspectives, relationships and skills. Read about an example of giving and the realizations that came with it.

Use this Principle to Overcome Adversity

Understand why facing adverse situations in life alone is unfavorable to unifying your efforts with that of others who are similarly minded.

5 Tools to Make You a Better Leader

Develop your leadership skills and understand how to motivate others and catalyze change.

Simple Advice from the author of “Getting Things Done”

Understand the framework conveyed in "Getting Things Done" by author, David Allen. Read about practical advice he gave me for development of Reciprocity Wellness.

The Motivating Power of Running

Running can motivate and catalyze action in all relevant areas of life by providing renewed energy and sense of purpose.