Hello there.

My name is Taylor Stull, and I created Reciprocity Wellness to help you become the best version of yourself.

I strive to be mindful through all of my experiences. I try to live my life Holistically Well.

The Reciprocity Wellness website is a resource you can use to Think, Discover and Act on ideas and activities related to each element of Holistic Wellness. In short, Reciprocity is a place for you to learn what people are doing, and thinking, and apply what you learn to your own Holistic self-improvement.

Back to me 🙂 I am the main contributor (author) of the articles stored in this site. There are other contributors who are uniquely passionate, and I hope if you are uniquely passionate, you will consider contributing too.

Reciprocity Wellness is a place to share real-life stories, observations, perspectives and lessons learned that help us all live Holistically Well.

How you spend your time, and the mindset in which you spend it, is everything in life. If armed with awareness, work ethic, knowledge and self-control, you will be prepared to live your life, Holistically Well.

My hope is that the articles you find in each section will provide exposure, inspiration and guidance in as you seek the answer to the question:

What Can I Do to Be Well?

Physical | Spiritual | Emotional | Occupational | Intellectual | Social | Environmental


Reciprocity is an exchange for mutual benefit.

The exchange Reciprocity Wellness hopes to facilitate is one of positive energy in all facets of our lives. As our network of holistic thinkers grows, so too will the number of individuals positively affected through our actions in our daily experiences.

The Reciprocity Wellness Community is designed to expose readers to Holistic Wellness ideas, perspectives, behaviors, activities and best practices with the intention of catalyzing individual formation of positive habits.

Reciprocity is a paradigm shift. It takes intentional effort and consistency to become and remain, Holistically Well.

There are many things you can do to satisfy each element of wellness; however to ensure balance in your life, you must pay attention to how you spend your time.

Life has a tendency of distracting us – Reciprocity Wellness is here to keep you focused.


Learn more about Reciprocity Wellness’ conceptual foundation by reading

The Reciprocity Theory



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