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September 28, 2017
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Smile, Because Life is Good

We all have intermittent ups and downs in the various areas that make up our life.

Typically not everything that’s going on is negative, however sometimes, we let the negative experiences and emotions that are a present in one area of our life, bleed into the others.

One way to prevent this, is through a very modest form of mindfulness.

Taking a second to Smile and appreciate the good things that are ongoing in my life is something I do fairly frequently. Not everything is good all the time, however there is almost always something I can be happy or excited about, or proud of.

In my life, I have 4 primary allocations of my energy: my job, Reciprocity, my physical health, and my social and familial connections. I have highs and lows in all of them.

If you are thinking that, in your life, there are instances when all the things you are invested in don’t look or feel so hot, you should strive to identify a default positive energy allocation that you can consistently rely on. I like to use my own spiritual connectedness, as I hardly ever have a negative moment when connecting with and learning from the Spiritual source that makes up all things.

For you, this default activity could be eating good food, exercising, stepping outside for fresh air – really anything you know that can consistently bring a smile to your face, simply because you are doing it.

I can speak from experience when I say, regularly reflecting on the good in your life prevents inevitable floods of negative emotions from affecting your attitude as you engage in the other experiences of value.

Stress at work, ambiguity with my website and business ideas, social isolation, and lack of motivation to eat well and exercise – all of these things could very reasonably contribute to a ubiquitous negative attitude, if I chose to let them.

It’s a mind over matter game.  No one can change your attitude but you. You can choose to be a victim or you can choose to intentionally shape your own perception of your experiences.

Bad things are going to happen in life – we all know it. How we react and how we choose to live out the other parts of our lives, is what truly defines our character.

Take a second to Smile, because in the end, there’s always something about our life that is good, it’s just a matter concentrating on it.

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