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September 9, 2017
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September 25, 2017

3 Things You Can Do to Boost Your Energy

Finding yourself drained of energy is something we all experience on a weekly basis. Whether it’s from overwork or not enough sleep – the feeling of fatigue is a common one.

Rather than suffer through this feeling, wouldn’t it be better to master the skill of finding and taking advantage of energy that is hiding within you? I think so, and so too should you.

After struggling with low energy over a span of 6 weeks, I decided to figure out how to give myself a natural boost, since the 3 cups of coffee simply weren’t doing the trick.

The strategy begins proactively, and it requires you to accept the existence of an energy spectrum that ranges from unconsciousness to euphoria. You also must understand that where you reside on that spectrum fluctuates throughout every minute, of every day.

Preparation for your lowest energy moments, occurs when your energy is at its highest.

So can you do to prepare? Listen to music.

Listen to music that maintains or develops your already high energy. Stuff that pumps you up or that makes you tap your foot. Stuff like, Snow by Red Hot Chili Peppers, This Girl by Kungs, Glow Up by Meek Mill, Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man, Koto by ODESZA, Bad Moon Rising by CCR, or if you’re into instruments, Freedom by The Infamous Stringdusters.

As you’re listening, you’ll want to save the songs or make a playlist. This way, you can easily access them later on when you will need them the most. Once the preparatory work is complete, you are ready to practice boosting your low energy.

Here are the 3 tactics you can use to consistently apply when you are feeling low:

1. Listen to your High Energy Playlist.

  • By making use of the music you personally identified as high energy, you can often times ‘trick’ yourself into believing you have more energy than you currently do.
  • After listening to a few songs, you will find that your energy levels have boosted and you aren’t being tricked any longer – you’ve actually moved yourself up the energy spectrum.

2. Step Outside and Get Some Fresh Air.

  • Fresh air is energy in itself. Whether the sun is out or not, the freeness of air is rejuvenating to your energy supply. All it takes to make use of its energy is intentional thought and action.
    • Your intentional action to should be to take 10 long and deep breaths.
    • Your intentional thought should be “There is energy all around me, I must simply absorb it to move myself up the energy spectrum.

3. Practice Mindful Awareness.

  • All the living things in this world uniquely reside on the energy spectrum. Mindful awareness of your own placement can facilitate change in your own spectrum positioning.
  • By understanding that, at any given moment, there are millions of living things that have higher energy than you, you start to believe that energy transition is possible.
    • You begin to think: if others are there, why can’t I be there too?

Boosting your own energy is not a skill that you will develop overnight. However, by developing a belief in your own ability to reposition yourself on the energy spectrum, and by utilizing the strategies outlined above, you will notice that your low energy moments won’t feel low for so long.

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  1. These blogs have provided me astounding awareness on improving and excepting responsibility for my moods and attitudes. They have helped me to see things as they are not what I think they are. Love these. Such talent as a writer.

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