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September 6, 2017
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Use this Principle to Overcome Adversity

The Unstoppable Wave Principle

Waves are magnificent things. They are a faceless vessel for energy that was transferred from something else. In a sense, they are a mask of purposeful energy.

Waves are continuous motion in action. Their course is un-shifting unless acted upon by external energy. They are unstopping until something with greater energy stands in its path.

When a wave unites with others, the waves’ energies combine. Thus, an even greater force is required to change its course, or to stop it altogether.

In life, to be invincible, such as a wave that has united with many others, one must take advantage of opportunities to harness the energy around themselves. This united approach facilitates strength, and ensures continuity in a predetermined direction.

In life, energy is often found in others; this energy can be leveraged through empathy, mutuality, and empowerment.

If one dedicates themselves to this practice of energy unification, adverse energy you will face in the future is more likely to be overcome. If one dedicates themselves to the practice of unification and no adverse energy is encountered, the unified front will eventually become seemingly unstoppable.

Application of the Principle

The unstoppable wave principle can be applied to many instances in our lives. Occupational goals, environmental awareness, cultural movements, and social interest groups are the tip of the iceberg. Strength truly resides in numbers, so you can understand why it is best to unite someone else’s energy with your own, rather than wait for them to later be unified with an energy that is adverse to your own.

In short, love others and others will learn to love you and ultimately, stand for what you stand for.

Unite others to your ambitions, and their energy will be supportive of those ambitions. Empower others to do great things, and realize the force that is a direct result of unity. Never cease in your efforts to build a supportive and connected network, and the adversity or opposition you face will likely never be too great for you, and those who are with you, to surmount.

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