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August 7, 2017
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Simple Advice from the author of “Getting Things Done”

I recently read the book Getting Things Done, by productivity champion, David Allen.

If you have not read it, I would highly recommend you buy it and work through it – with a highlighter in hand; the topics covered are insightful, detailed and actionable.

After reading his book, I decided to reach out to David to further develop my understanding of his background, the creation of his concept, and the application of his productivity workflow to the various “Projects” in my life.

David teaches many valuable lessons that apply to not only productivity at work, but all areas of our lives. By practicing the core principles and workflow that are the foundation of his philosophy, you are able to drive personal and organizational progress and allow for maximum creative output to be realized.

The key, he identifies, is defining “next actions” for all of the projects that are in the forefront and background of your mind. By doing this, you create an exhaustive list of ways to spend your time, so that in every moment, you are able to progress towards your goals and create new and meaningful opportunities for yourself.

For me, his framework is immediately applicable.

My current desire is to develop myself holistically, and to develop the reach and influence of the ideas depicted in the Reciprocity Wellness Community.

Our conversation started with his acknowledgement and appreciation of the Reciprocity Wellness Community’s structure and purpose. I was so pleasantly surprised that he had looked it up and taken the time to form an opinion.

With this opinion, he offered several pieces of advice:

  1. Work to develop a signature – identify and expand upon the differentiating factors that makes your perspective unique and interesting
  2. People respond to a person, more so than a process – optimize content to reflect who you are as a person; and if you don’t have a clear definition of who you are, ask other people and use their objective opinion as a guide
  3. Relax, and have faith that you’re doing the right things – once you’ve identified next actions that will move you forward, there’s no need to stress over pace and perception of progress. If you just keep “doing,” life will keep unfolding; and likely in the way you expected, or better.

In the end, progression and points of achievement are personally determined. Whether in work, play, personal development or relationship building, moving from where you are, to where you want to be, is simply a matter of determining the necessary steps to take, and taking them consistently.

David Allen’s secret is just that – empty your mind of everything you ought to be doing and instead, fill it with focus on the immediate action/task at hand.

This is directly supportive of Reciprocity’s secret: apply this framework and realize progress in all the elements of wellness you wish to develop. The inevitable result is a self that is Holistically Well and highly satisfied with all the things that make life remarkable.

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