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A Simple Way to Brighten Someone’s Day

There is one thing that is common amongst us all: we all desire happiness.

Happiness is obviously subjective; some may find it from a night out with friends, a delicious meal, or reading a book in solitude – no matter what the outlet it is, we all have interest in reaching our “happy place.”

When we see happy people, one of two things generally happen:

  1. We see them and understand that if we so choose, we could be happy too.
  2. We see them as evidence of our own unhappiness, because it is apparent our mental attitude differs significantly from theirs, for reasons unknown to us.

I make the assumption that most people (let’s say 65%) react positively to others’ displayed happiness.

Since most people are energized by exposure to others’ happiness, we can support people’s transition to a higher energy (happiness) level by being genuinely happy ourselves.

By expressing Joy personally, we communicate to those around us that finding their own source of Joy, is totally possible.

So how does one express Joy?

It’s all about distributing positive energy.

But how does someone distribute positive energy?

There’s not one clear answer, however here are a few tactics:

  1. Smile – This is the simplest and most observable external display of positive energy.
  2. Do the things you love to do, unashamedly – These activities are “joy generators.” They are unique to an individual, however by engaging in them, you fill yourself with positive energy that can later be distributed to others.
  3. Think optimistically – Thought translates into action. By thinking this way and viewing your world as full of opportunity, your speech and body language become naturally positive.
  4. Interact directly – When communicated with, people are naturally forced into an energy exchange. Ask how someone’s day is or compliment them. Positive energy is always absorbed; if not by the person you are speaking to directly, it will be by those who watched your display of interest in another person.

Brightening someone’s day is simple at the core – all it takes, is for you to believe inand practice your own happiness. Believe in your ability to share your positive energy and Joyfulness with others, and it won’t take long for you to notice that people start smiling when you walk into a room.

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  1. Sally says:

    Excellent Taylor. I have passed it on to friends.

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