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May 11, 2017
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3 Ways Tolerance can Catalyze Career Growth

It’s a well-established rule: what goes around comes around. We all want our peers to support and have interest in our ideas and who we are as people, but if we’re not willing to do that ourselves, how can we expect others to?

Tolerance is defined as a person’s ability to allow the existence or occurrence of something they do not necessarily agree with.

Getting along with people is essential to our progression occupationally. Without emotional intelligence, we can’t interact or collaborate effectively.

Tolerance is an important part of emotional intelligence. It prevents the formation of a significant divide between two people when disagreement or conflict arises and creates an opportunity for situational analysis and relationship building.

Accelerated growth is realized, as supportive energy is increased.

The growth of your own occupational status and satisfaction can be dramatically accelerated by enlisting the support of those you work with. Tolerance building is fundamental to acquiring this support.

Tolerance building catalyzes the development of self-comfort.

This is purely internal. By learning to control your reactivity, you develop a knowledge and awareness of how you are perceived by others. This skill lets you keep your cool when you are around people with challenging perspectives or immersed in unfamiliar settings – tolerance building improves your ability to find comfort in ambiguity and in confrontation.

In a work setting, tolerance building can accelerate the growth of your support network and it can deepen your understanding of work streams and topical areas that you are involved in.

As you practice tolerance with those you interact with, your perceived view is empathetic and thoughtful. The perception that your peers develop about you has comfort at its core. As a result of your ability to coexist, you establish legitimate occupational rapport.

The strengthening of this perception results in reinforcement of your credibility as a competent and trustworthy colleague, and more importantly, as a member of your peers’ support network – what goes around, comes around. Always.

You can deepen your understanding of work streams by using your conserved energy for objective observation and analysis. Instead of devoting energy to reactive refutation of a disagreeable comment or idea, your focus can be geared towards information gathering and insight generation that deepen yours, and your colleagues’ understanding of discussion topics.

As your tolerance is strengthened, so too will your ability to extract, aggregate and understand valuable information that your peers have to share.

Tolerance building catalyzes the growth of a network of peers, who are genuinely interested in supporting you. This support, paired with your increased functional knowledge about your own and others’ work streams and areas of interest, can result in the catalysis and acceleration of your career growth.

I must qualify these ideas with the notion that you should never tolerate another individual walking over you. If your abilities or opportunities are degraded as a result of tolerable passivity – now is the time to resist that person’s influence and stand up for yourself.

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