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April 25, 2017
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A Natural example of Delayed Realization of Value


Metamorphosis is, in a way, a transition from irritant to elegant. Defined as the transformational development through phases in insects or amphibians, the process of metamorphosis is a symbolic representation of a natural law we, as humans, should all learn to embody.

It is a real possibility that we view the initial caterpillar form as a nuisance, especially when there are lots of them crawling around everywhere. While this may be the case,  you typically don’t hear people complaining about having too many butterflies flying around later on.

This transformation is exemplary of this natural law:

Things that are perceived to have value now, were not always considered valuable

A Butterfly’s perceived value is its beauty; it spends a third of its life preparing to occupy this ultimately beautiful state. This timeline is similar for humans; we must spend a comparable amount of our lives preparing to occupy our own valuable states.

I believe this preparatory process is an ongoing occurrence, and repeats and overlaps itself many times throughout the time we spend living. This means that unlike a butterfly, we can continually improve ourselves in all stages of our lives, not just the beginning.

These valuable states differ amongst all of us, as we all focus our attention on things that are personally important. However, no matter what the area of focus is that you find interesting, this law will always be applicable.

In nature, metamorphosis occurs automatically, so long as the caterpillar remains nourished and sheltered. For humans, transformation is not so automatic; we require nourishment, however it is not food, like a caterpillar, but rather time and energy devoted to a particular experience or undertaking that we deem important.

If we consciously choose to nourish ourselves this way, our development has the opportunity to not only be physically transformational, but intellectually, occupationally, spiritually, and socially transformational as well.

Just as a butterfly comes from humble beginnings, so to can we. All it takes is the intentional dedication of our thoughts, time and energy over time. By doing this, we can optimize the transformation that occurs and accelerate ourselves towards personally meaningful, valuable states, in whatever area of interest or experience we so choose.



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