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March 31, 2017
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April 10, 2017

Calm Yourself with the End-State Mentality

It seems like we can’t escape stressful situations; situations that make your heart race and your palms sweat a little. No matter what we are involved in, deadlines, ambiguity and dependencies can make even the calmest feel a bit of anxiety.

When you think back to the most recent time you were stressed out – whether it be with work, with school or with someone you care about – you likely feel a bit of nervousness creep back into you.

Now think about yourself right now (minus that little bit of nervousness) – you are totally fine; you are totally functional. Despite having faced whatever adverse situation you thought about, you moved past it and made it to this end point – the point when you feel back to normal, when you feel unaffected.

A great example of this in nature is the ripple effect. When tossing a stone into calm water, a splash occurs and there are inevitably a series of rings that follow. As time passes, the intensity of the rings diminish, and the water returns to its natural resting place; this calmness is its end state.

Now imagine if you could take this phenomenon and make it work for you.

Guess What?


I call this strategy, the “End-State Mentality.”

The benefit of fully understanding your personal end state, is that it creates a concrete alternative mindset for you to actively transition to when encountering stressful situations. No longer will you be subjected to the overload of emotions that we perceive as stress; with the End-State Mentality, you are in control.

Developing this mentality is simple – take a few deep breaths and relax. Devote a minute to think about how despite everything you’ve been through, here you sit in a state of calm – unchanged by the ripple effect of life. You have passed through time and experience and you have made it unscathed.

This strategy requires an earnest belief that time will continue to transpire and everything will ultimately work out. Regardless of your performance or ability to handle what’s in front of you, the End-State Mentality is not possible without this critical shift in your thinking.

When you develop this mentality, instances that once seemed to have pressure attached to them, suddenly become just instances – unique circumstances in your life that are to be experienced independently without significantly altering your desired state of being.

It does not matter what kind of adversity you are facing. If approached with the End State Mentality, you have confidence that it will not shake you, that it will not change who you are as a capable individual and more so, it will not change who you are as the person you know yourself to be.


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