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March 27, 2017
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From Thought, to Action, to Progress

I see so many people going through life stressing about what they are going to do next. Whether it involves their career path, classes to take, places to visit, or books to read – many of us get caught in the vicious cycle of: What’s most worth my time?

I was caught in this for my entire college career, and likely before that as well. I was worried that how I was spending my time wasn’t the best possible way it could be spent.

After I got my job and left the country to explore Europe for a few months, I realized something critical to my development as an adult – only I can decide how my time is best spent.

Unfortunately, we’ve all got a finite amount of time in this world and, even more unfortunately, things take a lot of time to develop to the point of satisfaction. Whether this development is geared towards career success, physical fitness, or knowledge and skill creation – it takes consistent dedication of your time to get to a point where you can confidently say, “Hey, I am at a good place; I have come a long way.”

After this realization, I spent some time reflecting about how I wasted a lot of my time thinking about things, instead of than actually doing the things I thought about.

Not to say thinking is bad, but when you think too much about what you’re going to do, rather than doing it – I would say your time is somewhat counter-productive, wouldn’t you agree?

The only thing that will get us anywhere is consistency. To me, consistency is mainly in the context of action.

I decided for myself that I want to excel in all things that move me toward my perceived ideal state of holistic wellness. This is my idea of wellness.

I am not satisfied with just being physically healthy and financially independent; I want to develop an ability to connect with nature, a spiritual source and an internally creative part of myself; I want to possess knowledge related to topics I am passionate about (right now, they happen to be healthcare and entrepreneurship), and I want to be a part of really, really, reciprocally strong relationships.

Things like these are not going to happen overnight, in fact, they’ll likely take half of an entire lifetime to come to fruition. But, if you know that you want them to happen; what can you do right now to make them happen?

Put the picture of the finish line in the back of your mind, and just start walking.


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  1. Sally says:

    Again right on target. Love your topics because they make me analyze what I am doing right & what I’m doing wrong, even at my age.

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