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March 14, 2017
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Choosing the Lens to Best Live Your Life

It is easy to slip into the habit of living out our experiences indifferently, or imagining that they could be better than what they happen to be. This is the easy way out.

If we think things cannot be better, we are less disappointed when that happens to be our reality. However consistently choosing to view life through this lens translates into negative energy flooding into all of our experiences.

If the perception of your reality is subjected to how you choose to view your experience, choosing optimism and positivity could drastically shift the way you walk through life, for the better.

Ultimately, the choice of perception is subconscious. You are who you decide to be. Everything about your mentality is a direct consequence of consistent decision making. So, in order to change your lens of life from clouded and cracked to clear and bright, it will require mindful, and moreover, intentional, decision making.

As a brilliant Stephen Covey once wrote, “Begin with the End in Mind.” Shifting your perception will not come instantly, however if you begin your journey with the intention of becoming subconsciously positive, your destination is defined and you can begin to take steps forward.

From this point, all choices you make regarding perception of past, current and future experience and circumstance must reflect optimism and joy. This practice will not be easy at first, since your daily experiences are not likely to differ. However, with consistency comes habit, and with habit comes belief. Ultimately, this habitual choice of perception becomes subconscious and you will have reached the end you began with in mind.

The benefits of this perception shift are widespread. Not only will you begin to view all facets of your life to their fullest appreciative potential, you will also reciprocate this new attitude with all those that will be part of your future experiences.

Rather than living life with indifference, you will now live with hope.

Negative circumstances that will inevitably arise throughout life will be perceived as temporary and transient. As the inspirational Dr. Wayne Dyer once spoke, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Choosing a new lens is daunting, but absolutely doable. Seek to understand the perpetually compounding rewards and take the leap. I did it, so can you.

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  1. Sher says:

    Love the Wayne Dyer quote; it’s one that stuck out to me enough to post it on my fridge a few months ago! You have always seemed to be looking through a clear lense Taylor-hoping it is always that way for you!

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