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March 7, 2017
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Improve Your Relationships with this Perspective

Friendship is a part of life that many of us take for granted. We interact with people we know or once knew, however we don’t step back to reflect upon the true value of the relationships we have. This is an article to help you do just that.

Friendships are distinguishable by the frequency and richness in which you communicate and share experiences with someone. It’s simple, the more often you connect, the stronger the relationship will be.

For those close in proximity to us, it is easy to interact. This translates into an ease of learning and acceptance of that person, pending your interactions are positive in nature. I call these people, “Near Friends.” “Far Friends” are those who you once shared experiences with, but are now distant because of life’s unpredictability of circumstance.

Generally, positive shared experience results in a genuine interest towards those apart of it. The more positive experiences, the stronger your interest becomes. This fact applies to Far Friend relationships as well. These far friendships are not dormant, they are simply waiting to be rekindled. Friendships are reciprocal, both parties have a genuine interest in one another; because of shared experience, pleasure comes from learning of each other’s new experiences, as well as from the personal acceptance felt as a result of mutual interest.

Mutual acceptance leads to a few things. Both individuals have an interest to learn about the new experiences had by each other. On the other side of this, most people have a desire to share their new experiences with those that are interested. Far friendship becomes more about updates and reflection, instead of forming new shared experiences. The mutual interest and acceptance of each other also drives individuals to express a selfless desire for the others’ prosperity, wellbeing, and satisfaction and happiness found in life. This is something that we all appreciate – someone who cares about us.

There is a natural transition that we should be comfortable with – near friends become far friends – and far friends can become near friends, if the opportunity arises. They are equally important, as they serve different purposes. You learn about who someone is while sharing experiences as near friends, and learn about where life takes them as a result of who they are as a far friend.

Friendship is like a fire. When left alone, it exists as smoldering embers. However, when tended to and fueled, it grows to produce light and heat. Shared experience is never lost; we, as passive individuals, simply choose to let it smolder and over time be extinguished. It is simple to keep a fire going, just throw some wood on it, or in our case, pick up the phone.

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