Finding Happiness in Simplicity

Develop a perspective that enables a positive outlook on your experiences. Appreciate life for the little things. Find and harness positive energy through objective observation and increased awareness.

From Thought, to Action, to Progress

Learn that productivity is realized when action is taken. Too much thought limits personal action that advances us towards our goals.

Why you Should Practice Mindful Deep Breathing

Mindful deep breathing and offers those who practice a sense of relaxation and direct physical, emotional and spiritual benefits.

A Simple 6 Step Meditation

Practice connectedness and presence in this simple 6 step meditation

Choosing the Lens to Best Live Your Life

Your perspective of life is wholly under your own control. Shift from a negative to positive view point with mindful decision making.

Improve Your Relationships with this Perspective

Improve both close and loose relationships by regularly connecting with people that matter to you.

4 Ways to Create Your Own Opportunities

Create and take advantage of new opportunities in work, home, intellectual and social spheres.