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February 10, 2017

The Reciprocity Theory

People often think of personal health and wellness in a linear sense; if I do X, Y and Z I will be a more optimally functional and healthy person. While in a sense this is true, I view wellness from a more holistic perspective; I view wellness as a circle in which we are the center and the X, Y and Z are the circumference.

In order to see the benefits of living a holistically well life, one must engage in practices that benefit more than just their physical health. Don’t get me wrong, exercise and dietary management are important, but there is more that requires our direct attention. We need to develop habits that allow positive energy to flow ubiquitously through our experiences in life.

Reciprocity is an exchange for mutual benefit. Imagine if in every aspect of life you were able to take the positive energy that flows through you and share it with all of the people that cross your path. You would essentially become a beacon. A beacon who, through his or her own personal practices, promotes wellness in all of the experiences that make up everyday life.

What are these experiences, you may ask, and how do I classify them to ensure that I recognize opportunities to reciprocate my positive energy? The answer to this question is the concept of holistic wellness. This is the idea that a person’s whole self is involved in 7 unique types of experiences and that each of them presents an opportunity to practice the art of positive thinking and connectedness.

Every person makes, on average, 35,000 decisions a day. The Reciprocity Wellness Community is a place for those who want to improve themselves in every aspect of their lives. It is a place to reflect and learn about how to enhance some of those decisions so to transform your life into an optimally well one. By doing so, you will not only positively impact your body and your mind, you will also positively impact all of those that you live with, work with, and engage with in all of the experiences had throughout life. The Reciprocity way of living is not difficult to understand or to master. It is simply a paradigm shift.

All that is required of you is that you take advantage of the opportunities presented in all facets of your daily lives. This may involve evaluation of some decisions you make regularly, but no change is impossible, especially when armed with an understanding of the positive outcomes resulting from a particular change. This community will help facilitate and support these changes. Soon enough, you will understand the personal and communal advantages to living reciprocally instead of linearly.


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