Welcome to Reciprocity Wellness. This is a place for a better you.

Reciprocity is place for you to develop yourself Holistically. Here, you will find ideas and perspectives that make you Think; Discover real-life examples of Holistic Wellness in practice; and uncover opportunities for you to Act in ways that are beneficial to you, to your family, to your friends, and to all the people you will meet in your life.

Reciprocity Wellness will be worth your time if you seek the answer to one question:

What Can I Do to Be Well?

The Purpose of Reciprocity Wellness

To raise awareness of Holistic Wellness – the paradigm in which a person’s total life experience is comprised of 7 unique Elements. Reciprocity is designed to facilitate adoption of this paradigm and support improvement in each unique Element.

The goal is to assist in the development of a healthier, more intentionally well, productive and engaging self; and to facilitate the sharing of ideas, examples and opportunities to fuel your Holistically Well life.

Want More Clarity? Read The Reciprocity Theory


Develop an understanding of each Element by clicking below:

Physical Health

Our ability to progress through life without mental or physical fatigue or stress. Our ability to recognize positive behaviors and avoid destructive ones

Spiritual Connectedness

Our ability to establish peace and harmony in our lives and see the relationship between values and actions

Occupational Satisfaction

The desire for our time spent working to be positive and impactful, whether for our own livelihood or the common good.  Our competency to maintain financial stability and independence.

Intellectual Rigor 

Our ability to remain open-minded and thirsty for new ideas and perspectives, so to apply them to our own action-oriented decision making and journey of lifelong learning

Emotional Stability

The understanding of ourselves as unique individuals and our ability to handle life’s challenges and share feelings in a productive manner

Social Engagement

Our ability to maintain positive relationships through empathetic connection with people we know and meet

Environmental Harmony

Recognition of the personal responsibility we have for the quality of our immediate surroundings. Offering support of the initiatives that are in place to ensure natural sustainability and reduction of negative human impact